Abortion is Not Compassion


Abortion is Not Compassion

Bradley Mattes   |   July 26, 2023

Heather and Nick Maberry of Stanton, Kentucky got the tragic news that their unborn daughter had anencephaly, a condition not compatible with life.  Kentucky doesn’t allow abortion so the couple traveled to Chicago for a late-term abortion after the fifth month of pregnancy.  They opted for a dismemberment abortion.  The title aptly describes what is done to the baby – limb by limb – in the womb.  Afterward, the couple lashed out against Kentucky’s pro-life laws because they couldn’t hold the baby and say goodbye – a baby whose life they intentionally cut short.  Somehow a violent late-term abortion, discriminating against a baby with a profound disability, is considered compassion by those involved.  Compassion would’ve been delivering the child and loving her until God took her home.

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