Joe Biden on Abortion


Joe Biden on Abortion

Bradley Mattes   |   June 30, 2023

This week President Biden made comments on abortion that were not true.  He stated as a practicing Catholic, “I’m not big on abortion. But…Roe got it right.  The vast majority of religions have reached an agreement.”  The agreement he referred to is it’s okay to abort babies during the first three months.  First Roe and its companion case Doe legalized abortion on demand until birth.  Second, the Catholic faith, one of those “major religions” without a doubt strongly opposes abortion from the moment of fertilization as do other major religions.  Then Mr. Biden stepped in it with his pro-abortion buddies.  When it comes to abortion during the last three months of pregnancy.  He said unless the mother’s “physical health is at stake you can’t do it.”  Boy that’s going to make them mad!

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