Notorious Abortionist Dead


Notorious Abortionist Dead

Bradley Mattes   |   May 05, 2023

A notorious late-term abortionist has entered eternity.  Leroy Carhart died at the age of eighty-one and his abortion mill staff pledged to carry on the deadly legacy he spent at least four decades building.  He was best known for suing to stop the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, an abortion procedure that literally kills the unborn child during delivery.  Thank God, he was ultimately unsuccessful.  Carhart appeared defiant to the very end, advocating abortion for any reason until birth.  Of course, we don’t know if this notorious abortionist had a deathbed conversion, but I shudder to think where he may be spending eternity.  Many pro-lifers, me included, have prayed for his stony heart, and countless others have shared the gospel message with him.  But now, the die has been cast.

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