When Planted Seeds Grow in the Hearts of Abortionists

ve8QAd   |   March 30, 2023

What emotions come to mind when you think about abortionists and their staff, or their allied activists?

It’s understandable if your feelings are decidedly negative. After all, they make their living killing preborn children while often inflicting devastating emotional trauma on the parents, and sometimes physically maiming or even killing the mothers.

Experience has taught me to look at these purveyors of death in an added light.

We don’t have to harbor warm and fuzzing feelings toward those who take the lives of babies, but we can see them as potential ambassadors for the unborn and their parents.

There are such ambassadors, and their number continues to grow thanks to the untiring efforts of pro-life advocates and the Holy Spirit. These abortion professionals no longer add to the body count and have become effective spokespersons for life.

Here are some of them.

When referring to her past as an abortionist, Kathi Aultman, MD says, “I murdered more people than Ted Bundy.” She performed first and second trimester abortions, but now finds hope and healing through her Savior and has a compelling testimony in defense of innocent human life.

Beverly McMillan, MD grew up in a Christian home but became secularized while in college and medical school. When the first abortion facility was established in Mississippi she became its abortionist. She credits Christianity for her conversion to pro-life. After her life-altering change, she served as both president and vice president of Pro-Life Mississippi, the first statewide pro-life organization established after the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Dr. Haywood Robinson met his wife, Noreen Johnson, MD when she trained him to be an abortionist, after which they incorporated abortion into their joint practice. Like most abortionists, money was the motivator, earning them a substantial income. Life took a dramatic turn when they attended a Christian concert. It was the impetus behind their conversion to Christianity and a new approach to medicine. Dr. Robinson now serves as director of medical affairs and education at 40 Days for Life. The group’s prayerful and peaceful presence outside abortion facilities has resulted in 191 abortion workers leaving the abortion industry. Dr. Johnson died in 2021 due to complications from COVID.

Carol Everett owned and operated five Texas abortion centers in the 1980s with plans to become a millionaire. After her change of heart, Carol became one of the nation’s leading voices in the pro-life movement, exposing the ugly underbelly of the abortion industry. She founded the Heidi Group, named after her aborted daughter, to help expand pregnancy centers and reach underserved rural areas of Texas and beyond.

Dr. Anthony Levantino was doing early and late-term abortions while at the same time he and his wife, Ceil desperately worked to adopt a baby. As he pulled limbs out of the uteruses of women he often wondered why he couldn’t adopt one of their babies. Finally, an adopted infant they named Heather joined their family, but Tony continued doing abortions. It wasn’t until Heather was struck by a car and killed that he took an inventory of his life and discovered that the $600 he had just made for fifteen minutes of work was not worth the mental anguish. He now speaks publicly on behalf of life, including testifying before Congress.

Abby Johnson ran a Texas Planned Parenthood facility for nine years, but during an abortion as she held the ultrasound wand on the mother’s belly she witnessed the killing of a baby on the screen. Abby was pro-abortion when she went into the procedure room but left pro-life. In a special two-part interview with Abby just weeks after she left the abortion industry she shared the dirty little secrets Planned Parenthood worked hard to conceal. Later, the movie Unplanned that depicted her evolution on abortion became an effective tool to change the hearts and minds of movie goers across the nation.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson was the most notorious abortionist of all, running the largest abortion center in the Western Hemisphere, but later became pro-life. As an agnostic Jew and armed with his film Silent Scream, he sent shockwaves through the abortion debate. Dr. Nathanson later embraced Catholicism before his death.

God willing, more abortionists  and their allies  will someday join the ranks of those who’ve already opened their eyes to the ugliness of abortion and the beauty of unborn life.

Defending LIFE,

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