Intolerance Has Hefty Price Tag


Intolerance Has Hefty Price Tag

Bradley Mattes   |   March 08, 2023

Do you remember seven years ago when the city of San Francisco decided to boycott red states that wouldn’t toe the line on abortion?  The city wouldn’t do business with them because they valued and protected their most vulnerable citizens – preborn children.  San Francisco’s boycott list grew to 30 states.  Now they’re eating their words because a study shows one of the most pro-abortion cities is paying 20% more for goods and services by excluding pro-life states.  It’ll come as no surprise that city officials are quietly rescinding their incendiary policy.  San Francisco’s intolerance came with a hefty price tag.  All across the country Hollywood, its actors, and famous singers pulled out of pro-life states – and guess what – they weren’t missed.  The good guys win!

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