Reversing Roe Emboldens Countries


Reversing Roe Emboldens Countries

Bradley Mattes   |   December 05, 2022

There’ve been some international victories to save babies that transpired after America reversed Roe. Peru experienced three triumphs. One, passing legislation recognizing the unborn from conception. Two, they defeated pro-abortion legislation legalizing abortion for rape and incest. The Congress believes it’s the rapists who deserve prosecution, not the innocent baby. Third, Congress formally showcased research revealing nearly all Peruvians support the family unit. The Philippines fought off another aggressive attempt by the UN to force the pro-life country into legalizing abortion.  Justice Undersecretary Raul Vasquez expressed resentment that rich countries are trying to force their beliefs on the Philippines. I believe the demise of Roe has emboldened countries to defend life.

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