Abortion is Evil


Abortion is Evil

Bradley Mattes   |   December 14, 2022

Abortion advocates are pulling out all the stops in an ill-fated attempt to sell abortion as a common good.  We’ve heard it framed as mercy, a simple parenting decision, or healthcare.  One activist actually said abortion can be “a serious act of love.”  None of this is true and we must call them out on it.  Abortion isn’t mercy or an act of love and it’s not close to healthcare.  Abortion’s the intentional killing of an innocent preborn child in a very brutal and violent way.  Some say abortion makes it possible to be better parents to their existing children.  In reality, it’s done for the parents’ benefit, not the kids.  What a heavy emotional burden to place on children.  “We killed your baby sister so you could have a better life.”  Abortion is evil.

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