Roadside Abortions


Roadside Abortions

Bradley Mattes   |   October 19, 2022

Planned Parenthood is taking a page out of the pro-life manual, only to kill babies, not save them.  To circumvent state laws protecting babies and their parents from abortion, Planned Parenthood got creative to do more abortions.  They’ve equipped an RV to be a roadside abortion vehicle, which will dispense chemical abortion pills.  The RV will stop at towns and cities close to the boarders of Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee where unborn babies are protected, thus facilitating illegal abortions.  Later they expect to do surgical abortions in the RV.  There are inherent problems with a roadside abortion vehicle devoid of any legitimate medical facility.  If the women have any problems, there will be no ability – and likely no desire – to help them.  It’s close to a back-alley operation.

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