Legal Abortion in America


Legal Abortion in America

Bradley Mattes   |   September 02, 2022

Legal abortion in America continues to eerily resemble back-alley style abortion.  Florida abortionist Christopher Saputa seriously botched abortions of three women this year during three consecutive months.  Two required hysterectomies to save their lives and the third was advised never to get pregnant again.  The Florida state health department suspended his medical license calling Saputa a “great public danger.”  Not only did he kill three unborn children, but he also nearly killed their mothers.  Two are unable to ever have children again and the third was advised not to try.  Under the banner of safe and legal abortion these women lost their fertility and came dangerously close to death.  Tragically, these incidents aren’t isolated.  This is what we’ve come to know as legal abortion in America.

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