History Repeats with Media


History Repeats with Media

Bradley Mattes   |   September 14, 2022

History is repeating with the media.  For decades they reported abortion was only legal during the first three months.  Even when given proof abortion was legal all nine months, they continued to report lies.  They’re doing it again, now saying women won’t be able to get medical treatment for legitimate issues because of abortion laws.  Sadly, methotrexate is used off-label with the chemical abortion pill.  The legitimate use is for rheumatoid arthritis.  CBS featured a young woman with the disease because her pharmacy delayed refilling her prescription to make sure it wasn’t being used for an abortion.  After a delay many of us have experienced, the prescription was refilled.  It’s more fearmongering from the extreme far-Left media and abortion industry to advance their abortion agenda.

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