Today’s USA Gymnastics


Today’s USA Gymnastics

Bradley Mattes   |   August 31, 2022

Bad news for those of us who love gymnastics.  Li Li Leung, president of USA Gymnastics announced that when planning future events, the organization will avoid states that protect future gymnasts from abortion.  Leung criticized the reversal of Roe v Wade and said, “We want to be able to align with cities and locations that are also aligned with our value system.”  Let’s talk about the “values” USA Gymnastics clings to.  Their values defend the brutality of live dismemberment abortion.  Their values stand behind abortionists who kill potential future gymnasts who are able to feel the excruciating pain of abortion.  Their values embrace killing babies so late in pregnancy others the same age are able to live outside the womb – abortion until birth.  This is today’s USA Gymnastics.

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One thought on “Today’s USA Gymnastics

  1. Maybe if those little gymnasts practiced some true values they wouldn’t need to worry about abortion.

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