Down Syndrome Not a Death Sentence

During Zoey and Jack’s pregnancy, it was revealed their baby girl had Down syndrome.  When the doctor phoned Zoey she expected he’d make an appointment to discuss the results in person.  Instead, he said, “It’s bad news.  Your baby has Down syndrome and I’ve scheduled an abortion for tomorrow at 1:30 pm.”  The married couple said no to abortion and Zoey said, “I felt like my doctor was angry…the care after we refused his abortion was minimal.”  Further, he painted an unrealistic doomsday scenario.  Down syndrome shouldn’t be a death sentence.  When they found out he directed little Arlee to receive “no lifesaving medical intervention,” she fired him.  I would’ve done that with his first phone call.  Some patients die when physicians mistakenly believe the initials MD stand for Medical Deity.

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