Judge With a Black Heart


Judge With a Black Heart

Bradley Mattes   |   July 22, 2022

In the United Kingdom abortion’s legal up to 24-weeks unless you have a disability; then it’s up to birth.  When Heidi Crowter, a person with Down syndrome, realized this she sued the British government for discrimination.  Two judges dismissed her suit, saying the law “does not perpetuate and reinforce negative cultural stereotypes to the detriment of people with disabilities.”  Excuse me?!?  Ninety percent of babies diagnosed in UK with Down syndrome are aborted.  The law goes way beyond cultural stereotypes to their detriment, they pay with their lives!  Heidi and her husband, James, also with Down syndrome were devastated.  But Heidi says, “The fight is not over.”  It takes a judge with a black heart to say this couple isn’t worthy of living.

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