Generous Centers Empower Women


Generous Centers Empower Women

Bradley Mattes   |   July 06, 2022

Radical pro-abortion politicians and activists go after pro-life pregnancy help centers because they don’t do abortions.  They’re so effective at providing alternatives to abortion, they cut into the bottom line of the abortion industry.  These centers of hope and love have long endured false accusations they’re anti-women “fake clinics.”  I challenge the accusers to go to Planned Parenthood and ask for a free pregnancy test, ultrasound, diapers, crib, or formula.  Ask the abortion industry if it’ll help with financial assistance for their bills or education.  These are things pregnancy help centers regularly provide to women and babies in need.  Now tell me who’s on the side of women.  These generous centers empower women to choose life.  Women and their babies are precious to us.  We love them both.

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