Where We Go from Here


Where We Go from Here

Bradley Mattes   |   June 28, 2022

What does the demise of Roe mean for our nation and where do we go from here?   It dramatically changes the landscape of abortion law in America.  But contrary to the belief of many Americans, Roe’s demise doesn’t end abortion throughout the United States.  It simply returns authority to duly elected state legislatures to pass protective common-sense legislation that is supported by the majority of the state’s citizens.  For example, under Roe fathers were relegated to the sidelines, helpless to protect their unborn babies.  States are now free to establish rights for fathers concerning the life-or-death decision of their children.  Before, the Court prevented us from saving unborn babies, but now, by God’s grace, several states will be able to end all abortions.  Please pray for these life-saving efforts.

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