War on the Poor


War on the Poor

Bradley Mattes   |   June 24, 2022

Texas women can’t have an abortion if the heartbeat of their babies is detectible.  So, each month a group of so-called Christian ministers fly forty poor women to New Mexico to have abortions.  They’re so-called Christians because abortion is NOT compatible with Christianity.  Daniel Kanter a pastor in Dallas and board member of Planned Parenthood, claims the pro-life law is a “war on the poor.”  But he need only look inward to see who’s truly raging this war.  Targeting poor women for abortion is eugenics at work.  Killing their children places the burden solely on them and won’t solve poverty.  Kanter claims they’re helping poor women when they’re providing no help at all.  We can offer life-affirming choices that both mother and baby can live with.  We can love them both.

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