Citizens Foil Planned Parenthood Expansion


Citizens Foil Planned Parenthood Expansion

Bradley Mattes   |   June 10, 2022

Another effort to expand a Planned Parenthood facility has been foiled.  The abortion giant wanted to expand its Visalia, California facility.  But Dave Paynter, a real estate developer objected to having an abortion mill next to his Sequoia Mall property.  Planned Parenthood hid its plans from city leaders and the community, something they commonly do because they know residents oppose having an abortion facility in their neighborhood.  When Paynter objected, the community joined him in opposing the proposed project and it was pulled by the city council “indefinitely.”  Good things happen when people publicly take a stand for life.  When the Lord gives you an opportunity to defend unborn babies, in a big or small way, be bold.  You’re in the majority of those who defend life.

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