Members of Congress Hide Behind Words


Members of Congress Hide Behind Words

Bradley Mattes   |   May 26, 2022

The House Pro-Choice Caucus in Congress consists of members in DC who’re dedicated to advocating abortion throughout pregnancy and forcing it on the American public.  They recently came out with some language dos and don’ts.  For example, don’t use the word “choice.”  Instead, it’s now to be called a “decision.”  Don’t refer to conscience protections for medical professionals who don’t want to do abortions as a “refusal or denial of care.”  It makes the medical practice of protecting babies sound like a cold-hearted act against patients.  Critics quickly pointed out the title of this group of legislators betrays its memo since they’re called the “House Pro-Choice Caucus.”  Regardless of the words they use, they’re advocating for the killing of defenseless children.

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