Arm America with the Truth


Arm America with the Truth

Bradley Mattes   |   May 23, 2022

The need for pro-life education has increased tenfold.  Things look encouraging that we’ll soon live in a post-Roe America.  Once that happens, states will have the authority to pass laws saving unborn babies and protecting their mothers.  But pro-abortion extremists are coming at us fast and hard, firebombing pro-life pregnancy help centers, spewing threats and pro-abortion lies.  We must counter their efforts with the truth.  At Life Issues Institute we know calm, rational, medically-sound information changes more hearts and minds on abortion.  We must open the eyes of persuadable Americans who will support our efforts to end abortion on the state and community levels.  Pro-life education is the foundation on which we build political and legislative victories.  Let’s arm America with the truth!

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