Does Birth Matter?


Does Birth Matter?

Bradley Mattes   |   March 17, 2022

A so-called bioethicist, Walter Veit is defending infanticide.  He authored an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics titled, Does Birth Matter?  His reasoning is since it’s legal to abort babies up to the point of birth, there’s no moral difference to kill a baby right after she’s born.  Years ago, my colleague Dr. Jack Willke and I warned euthanasia would follow abortion surely as night follows day.  Even some of our pro-life colleagues thought we were overstating the possibilities.  But time and again some claiming to advocate medical ethics try to justify such a morally bankrupt philosophy.  In the past, they justified abortion so women can control their own bodies.  But now the baby is clearly separate from the mother.  What we’re witnessing is a slippery slope of death.

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