Overcoming the Pressure to Abort Challenging Pregnancies

It’s a daily occurrence. During a routine sonogram, parents are given the devastating news that their unborn baby suffers from a medical condition. The expected happy event of seeing real time images of their cherished baby quickly turns to dread and sorrow. Then bad goes to worse when the doctor suggests they kill their baby by abortion. Evidence shows that many doctors and other health professionals recommend abortion at the first sign of a challenge with the pregnancy.

In too many cases the advice goes beyond presenting abortion as an option. Parents have reported enduring repeated advice to abort even when parents make their stand against abortion clear. Others have experienced intense pressure, intimidation, applied guilt or worse.

Matt and Courtney Baker
with daughter Emmy

Courtney and Matt Baker said their doctor mocked and bullied them to abort  their daughter who was diagnosed with Down syndrome. They stood strong against the pressure to abort Emmy and are now enjoying the many blessings she has been to their entire family.

Jenny Foster gave into the doctor’s advice and spent the next 21 years struggling to cope with her decision to abort her baby diagnosed with serious but treatable health conditions.

Medical professionals rarely if ever use the a-word. Instead, it’s disguised in soft-sounding phrases like “early induction” or “ending the suffering of your child” even when there is no evidence to suggest the baby is in pain or distress.

Life Issues institute produced a half-hour radio special called Say ‘yes’ to LIFE! that aired on hundreds of radio stations. These personal stories, combined with the advice of Dr. Dan Wechter, an OB/GYN specializing in high-risk pregnancies, is equipping parents to reject advice to abort their babies. In addition, we’re providing resources and mentors — parents who have walked in their shoes — to help them navigate their crisis pregnancy.

If you or someone you know is faced with a devastating diagnosis for their unborn child, we have the resources to help parents say ‘yes’ to LIFE! Please check out our website at lifeissues.org for more information.


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