Line Drawn Between Good and Evil


Line Drawn Between Good and Evil

Bradley Mattes   |   December 29, 2021

America is inching closer to the possibility of reversing Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court decision allowing abortion on demand until birth.  In the process, we’re witnessing the line being drawn between good and evil, and California, so far, is taking center stage.  Pro-abortion governor Gavin Newsom organized a group of pro-abortion activists and politicians called California Future of Abortion Council.  Their goal is to force the state’s citizens to pay for abortions and related travel expenses for women who can’t afford to pay for them, even if they live out of state.  Governor Newsom said, “We’ll be a sanctuary” for abortion.  They also want to train more abortionists, increase access to late-term abortions and promote them in public schools.  Yes, the line is being drawn between good and evil.

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