Back Alley Abortion Returned


Back Alley Abortion Returned

Bradley Mattes   |   November 24, 2021

Pro-abortion activists and the abortion industry are pushing to make the chemical abortion pill available by mail, without a face-to-face interaction with a licensed physician.  This is dangerous for women, and of course fatal for the babies.  The United Kingdom has already implemented this reckless system and is having big problems.  Here’s one example.  Sarah Dunn, a mother of five, recently died from a do-it-yourself chemical abortion.  One of the main complications is parts of the baby or placenta can be left behind, an open invitation for infection.  This happened to Sarah, and she died from sepsis, even though she had follow up care with a physician.  Chemical abortion is dangerous under the best of circumstances.  Do-it-yourself abortion is back-alley abortion returned.

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