Abortion Trauma Haunts Actress

Actress Alyssa Milano recently spoke on a podcast about having two abortions in one year in her twenties.  She said she felt ill-equipped to be a mother.  The abortions, she said, were not something she wanted, but something she needed.  Many women believe the lie that they can’t have children and a successful career.  Later, Milano admitted she felt her miscarriages that followed were punishment for the abortions.  She also lived in fear that something bad would happen to her two living children because of the abortions.  These are classic responses to abortion by both mothers and fathers.  The abortion industry doesn’t help women choose life and motherhood because there’s no money in it.  As long as abortion reaps huge financial gains, women like Milano will be victimized.

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One thought on “Abortion Trauma Haunts Actress

  1. My heart breaks for Ms. Milano. If I could meet with her, I would give her a big hug, a box of kleenex, and say, “Let’s talk. I’ve been there.” The good news is that there is Hope, Healing, and Restoration available for PA women and men. Real and lasting healing come only through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The world’s hope and help are temporary, just as the world is temporary.

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