Ignorance is Bliss


Ignorance is Bliss

Bradley Mattes   |   October 07, 2021

An article in Ms. Magazine claimed the Texas Heartbeat Act before the Supreme Court is based on “junk science.”  The author is Carrie Baker, a professor at Smith College.  Part of her title actually read, “Check the Science – There is No Heartbeat at Six Weeks.”  In the article she linked to an embryology book, but should’ve checked her citation more thoroughly.  At the same link was documented information that directly contradicted her main point.  There is indeed a beating heart at six weeks.  Secular Pro-Life, a pro-life organization, tweeted about Baker’s embarrassing error.  So, what was the author’s response?  Did the university professor correct the error?  No.  She blocked the pro-life organization and deleted the link.  If ignorance is bliss, Baker must be deliriously happy.

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