Our Strong Tower


Our Strong Tower

Bradley Mattes   |   September 10, 2021

It’s hard to fathom the terrorist attacks of 9-11 happened 20 years ago.  The sheer level of brutality was horrifying and a traumatic lesson on the value of innocent human life.  God’s message to us then was trust in Him and do not be afraid.  He controls every facet of our lives.  Two decades later we can look back and see God did what He promised.  The Lord of Life who placed all things under His feet still loves you and is with you every second of your life.  He was with those in the Trade Towers, Pentagon, and ill-fated airplanes.  He continues to be with those who grieve over lost ones.  Our response to this tragedy then and now is this – tell everyone about the peace, comfort and healing through Jesus Christ, our strong tower.

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