Babies and Christmas Trees

ve8QAd   |   December 24, 2020

I’ve often said the world needs more babies and Christmas trees. Each adds a brilliant splendor to our world.

Having a passion for babies and Christmas, I work full-time to protect them, and in our home we have three Christmas trees in all their splendor. One of my favorite things to do every year is to remove each ornament from its box and recall when, where and how we acquired it.

We are like the ornaments on God’s Christmas tree. Regardless of how many He has, our Heavenly Father knows the when, where, and how each of us was welcomed into His kingdom.

When an abortion takes place, it’s like someone or something smashes His cherished ornament to pieces right before His eyes. Imagine the pain God feels when He lovingly selects a child for placement into a family with a perfect plan for his or her life. Only to have His precious gift rejected and brutally killed by abortion.

Christmas is the gift of LIFE—eternal life with Him.
Christmas is the gift of LOVE—His eternal love for us.

Christmas is also a time to contemplate the gift of mortal LIFE through the miracle of birth. Christmas is the gift of LOVE that moms and dads shower on their children by saying yes to life—sometimes under very difficult circumstances. Regardless of the challenges, God has a perfect plan for each life that He brings into the world, and His will for them is to out-sparkle and out-shine any ornament.

Unlike Christmas ornaments, each baby is a unique life never to be replicated in all of history. Each life brutally snuffed out by abortion will leave the world a lesser place for it.

She was the talk of the town, and it wasn’t good. Mary was pregnant and unmarried.  A sin like that could result in stoning. By earthly standards, things looked grim. But you and I know this wasn’t an earthly pregnancy.

If Planned Parenthood had been in Nazareth, the abortion chain would’ve quickly sought Mary out. Today, a girl like her would be a prime target for abortion. Even while facing possible horrifying implications, Mary was obedient to the Lord’s will and Jesus was born. That first Christmas the shepherds and the rest of humanity were set free from the clutches of Satan.

Because of an unplanned pregnancy, believing hearts are now safely in the hands of God for eternity.

There’s another lesson in the birth of Jesus. He was born in a dirty, smelly stable with the animals. Angels (think about this, celestial beings who stand in the presence of God) first announced the birth of the Savior to lowly shepherds, one of the least prestigious members of Bethlehem society.

Pro-life advocates are often called upon to minister to those considered the least of society, the underserved and poor in the inner cities. The truth is God values all lives the same—rich or poor, influential or not.

Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red, brown, yellow, black and white
They are precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world

That sweet childhood song rings true today.
Our heavenly Father delights in Every. Single. One.

May our gracious Father find us sharing His LIFE and LOVE this Christmas. Let’s leave the when, where, and how to His perfect wisdom.

Merry Christmas!

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