Mayor Compares Planned Parenthood to a Church

The mayor of Lubbock, Texas, Dan Pope, claims to be “unequivocally pro-life.”  But when his claim was put to the test, he appears to be failing dismally.  Planned Parenthood wants to open up shop in Lubbock.  They’re the nation’s largest chain of abortion facilities and the most aggressive lobbyist for abortion on demand throughout pregnancy.  The Mayor recently lost his pro-life credentials when he said in a radio interview, “Telling Planned Parenthood they can’t come to Lubbock would be like…telling the Southern Baptist Convention they couldn’t do another church start in Lubbock.”  This so-called pro-life mayor is comparing a Planned Parenthood killing center to a church, a house of God.  He needs to politely but firmly hear from the people of Lubbock.

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