Unbalanced Scales of Justice


Unbalanced Scales of Justice

Bradley Mattes   |   August 11, 2020

Bobby Carothers in Iowa was given a 2-year prison sentence after killing Petunia, a rabbit at an animal shelter, because he was hungry.  The Animal Rescue League of Iowa provided grief counseling services for their staff and got a protective order banning the 64-year-old man from the premises.  Bobby’s actions can’t be justified of course, but I’m reminded how society won’t tolerate animal cruelty but accepts the daily killing of thousands of innocent unborn human babies.  There’s no grief counseling at Planned Parenthood where the killing takes place.  No protective order banning the abortionist from the premises.  Daily abortion doesn’t make headlines equal to Petunia’s.  It’s sad and frightening to realize how unbalanced the scales of justice are in our country.

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