Pink Carnations


Pink Carnations

Bradley Mattes   |   May 28, 2020

Here’s a touching example of why we need to broaden our thinking when it comes to honoring mothers.  Vicky was dreading going to church on Mother’s Day.  Earlier in the year a drunk driver hit her vehicle, which killed her eight-month unborn baby girl.  During the service, pink carnations were handed out to moms.  Vicky planned to make a quick exit at the end, but before she could, one of her friends handed her the carnation she’d been given.  Before Vicky could respond, another mother handed her a flower, and then another.  By the time she reached the car, she had a armful of pink carnations and tears of gratitude flowing from her eyes.  As we honor motherhood, remember those who suffered pregnancy loss by accident, miscarriage or regretted abortion.

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One thought on “Pink Carnations

  1. Sometimes it’s the little kindnesses that make the biggest impressions and mean the most.

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