Tool for Predators

A California man is facing six felony charges, including first-degree murder and assault with a firearm.  He allegedly forced his pregnant girlfriend – at gunpoint – to take a chemical abortion pill against her will to abort their baby.  She later suffered a miscarriage at the hospital.  A similar case unfolded in Wisconsin last year.  A man was caught slipping the drug into his pregnant girlfriend’s drink.  Sadly, according to domestic violence experts, these types of cases aren’t uncommon.  And it’s tragic those promoting abortion want the abortion pill available without a prescription.  It would be putting a deadly tool into the hands of sexual assailants.  More vulnerable women and babies would be victimized by evil predators, traffickers and domestic abusers.

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One thought on “Tool for Predators

  1. Abortion may be “1 issue” when considering a candidate for an elected office, but the ramifications can bring into consideration many other issues!!

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