Seventy-Five Years Ago Today

Today marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day.  It observes the dramatic and costly beaching of American troops that helped turn the tide of World War Two.  We remember the lives lost that day, and celebrate those who survived.  These patriots bled and died to keep America free.  The most basic right we enjoy is the right to life.  Without it, there are no other rights.  Join me in thanking our brave soldiers and their families who sacrificed so much to make D-Day such a momentous event for Europe, America, and countries around the globe.  To honor them and all soldiers, we’ve made available special radio and TV programming, some personal to me, that will touch your heart.  Visit life issues dot org and click on the microphone icon.  May God bless our troops.

This radio special called Life and Liberty includes an interview with my son, Nick, while he was serving in Iraq. Listen to his account and others as they describe harrowing situations while at war.

The two-part TV program A Lifetime Sacrifice shares the emotional interviews of a young war widow, a Gold Star mother and a Soldier (with his mom) who was critically injured on the battlefield (part two). This moving program was edited down to a radio special of the same name.

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