C List Celebrities Squawking


C List Celebrities Squawking

Bradley Mattes   |   June 03, 2019

Hollywood is up in arms about the state of Georgia passing pro-life legislation.  Governor Brian Kemp signed the Heartbeat bill ending abortion once a doctor can detect a heartbeat of an unborn baby.  Actors and other pro-abortion Hollywood types are threatening to boycott Georgia by no longer filming in the state.  It’s become a filming hotspot and the new industry has been economically good for Georgia.  Even so, Governor Kemp is pushing back.  “We’re elected to do what’s right, and standing up for precious life is always the right thing to do,” he said, “We value and protect innocent life, even though that makes C-list celebrities squawk.”  I admire Governor Kemp for standing up against Hollywood and defending his citizens.

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