Killing is Not Compassion


Killing is Not Compassion

Bradley Mattes   |   May 21, 2019

All across America, state legislatures have been debating born-alive bills, legislation that would protect newborn infants who survive a late-term abortion.  In Wisconsin Nancy Stencil, chair of the Democrat Party of Marathon County, opposes this law and said something that made me, well, angry.  She said, “it’s selfish to have [a baby with disabilities] live just for the sake of living.”  That’s a lie.  God has a plan for each baby conceived, and He loves them and doesn’t want them to be killed by abortion.  When people advocate abortion for the sake of “compassion” call them out on it.  There’s nothing compassionate about intentionally killing a defenseless baby.  We must boldly, and with love, stand up for those who cannot defend themselves.  Always.

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