Clergy Advocate for Extreme Abortion Law


Clergy Advocate for Extreme Abortion Law

Bradley Mattes   |   February 07, 2019

A group of ninety clergy in New Mexico declared their public support for unrestricted abortion on demand in the Albuquerque Journal.  The group said, “in accordance with our moral convictions and our personal faith, [we] support a woman’s ability to access…abortion.”  They also voiced their support for legislation that would repeal a decades-old abortion law on the books, leaving absolutely no protections for the state’s unborn babies and their mothers.  This means abortion for any reason throughout all nine months of pregnancy.  We’re living in wicked times when religious leaders who are responsible for the spiritual health and well-being of their flocks, blatantly stand against God’s will for innocent human life.  I wouldn’t want to be in their clerical robes on judgement day.

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2 thoughts on “Clergy Advocate for Extreme Abortion Law

  1. My God….what have we become as a nation? I can hardly write these words as I picture the description I just read. Thank you God that I can still weep for these children, thank you that I can still feel how obviously wrong this is. Thank you Jesus that I still have a voice for those who have no voice and I will not stop be quieted as long as I have breath!! He said to warn them! The shedding of innocent blood must stop if we as a people are to escape God’s Judgement. The leading cause of death in the world last year was abortion. 41,000,000 children killed legally in the largest slaughter of innocents in the history of the world. Over 1,000,000 right here in the USA. in 12 short months.
    To those of us who call ourselves Christians, we cannot continue to be silent while witnessing such blatant rebellion to what God says is wrong. We cannot do what some churches did as Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish race. Those attending churches within earshot of the trains carrying innocent Jews to the death camps chose to muffle the sounds of the trains by singing louder as they rolled past their houses of worship. They covered their ears and looked the other way instead of resisting the Nazi terrorists. 41,000,000 babies in just one year! MY GOD WHAT HAVE WE BECOME! WHAT ARE WE DOING! Jesus is returning soon for a bride adorned in a garment without spot or wrinkle, not a bride whose garment is stained with the blood of the innocent.
    We here in the USA may not be able to change things all around the world but we can change things here! Are we going to turn up the music, sing louder? Offer more courses and classes on how to be better Christians, how to live your best life now, how to be healed and prosperous? How to live a life with purpose? Men of God, where is your courage? Where are your voices?
    As we spend millions on our church buildings and facilities to “minister”, where is the outcry for those whose blood is being spilled on the alters of selfishness and convenience because of our choices do not abstain from the actions that can produce unwanted human life. We have so devalued human life that it has become disposable except for the flesh and bone that is sold for profit by those whose god is money. And only the living God knows what is really being done with the flesh of the innocent victims. WHERE IS THE CHURCH’S VOICE OF DISAPPROVAL of this abomination? Why are the doors of so many churches closing?
    God is calling His people to repent for our silence and apathy. And not just some of us, but every one of us. From my house to your house to the White House and all those in between who call themselves God’s people, Christian and Jewish, rich or poor, regardless of color or ethnicity. If we continue to promote, justify, accept or ignore the murder of our own offspring our future as a free nation will cease to be. We are destroying the foundations of future generations as well as the unique individuals with the gifts, talents, and contributions of lives predestined to be conformed to Gods image and likeness in His Son Jesus Christ.
    Repentance for the shedding of innocent blood by the tens of millions in the USA MUST begin with the Church. Only then can we be assured of a free future because God has said if we will humble ourselves and repent and SEEK HIS FACE AND TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS He will heal our land and forgive our sins. There is no other way! There is no shortcut to redemption for our nations turning away from the Love and Mercy and Blessings of God. There is no higher priority for the church today. We are faced with a choice. We can be an example to the world of how the Living God will first warn and then Bless the nation that repents of such wickedness or we can be the example to the world of a nation that fails to heed His warnings and suffers the sure Judgement and destruction that always follows such rebellion to His offer of Mercy and Grace. To continue witnessing such genocide in silence is our choice. Personally, … I can no longer stay silent. He has called me to bear witness and to be disobedient to such a call would assure a life most miserable. There are those of you reading this who are called as well. What will your answer be? Allow Him to use you to be His Voice.
    Pastors…heed the warning!
    Elders……heed the warning!
    Congregations….heed the warning!
    Large memberships, overflowing funds, and large buildings are not evidence of Gods Presence. The message Jesus sent His witnesses out with has not changed. Is it the message you are hearing in your church? Pastors, is it the message that you are delivering in this late hour?

  2. The New World Order has made no secret of their number one on their agenda. Depopulization! Abortion is a part of that plan.

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