MS Linked to Gardasil

Three years ago, a Scandinavian study showed no increased risk for Multiple Sclerosis after receiving the Gardasil, MPV vaccine.  But earlier this year at a forum, researchers presented two cases of MS that developed within two weeks of receiving Gardasil.  A 14 year old boy and a girl, 17.  The Centers for Disease Control’s reporting system counted over 50 cases of MS events.  The World Health Organization lists nearly 37,000 nervous system disorders.  The culprit is believed to be aluminum in the vaccine that migrates to the brain and accumulates there.  It’s reported there are far more adverse events after Gardasil than women who get cervical cancer, the disease the vaccine is supposed to prevent.  Parents, please be careful.

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One thought on “MS Linked to Gardasil

  1. Thank you for this brave effort to highlight a real danger hidden in what we’ve have been told is “good” for us. As with all these life issues, realize that you will be attacked because there has been a long-term and effective campaign to promote vaccines as miracle cures WITHOUT any true double-blind studies or research into populations without vaccines (Amish and other people groups). By law, the manufacturers and those who promote the vaccines have total immunity from the consequences of these products. So much needs real exposure for reality to been shown.

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