Defender of Black Babies Called Racist

Mississippi’s Governor, Phil Bryant, is a great advocate for his state’s unborn babies and their mothers.  Recently at a press conference he lamented the lack of outrage in the media about “the genocide of 20 million African American children” by abortion and added, “No one wants to talk about that.”  The extreme Left was quick to viciously pounce on his statements, calling them “disgusting and vile.”  One pro-abortion activist accused him of being “racist.”  Yes, according to the Left, a man who wants to protect black unborn children is racist.  The Governor’s right.  Our research shows the abortion industry targets black women.  See it at and click on the microphone icon.  Thank you, Governor Bryant, for your bold stand to protect life.

Click here to see our research documenting how Planned Parenthood targets minority communities.

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