Left Bleeding on the Street

If you’re a regular listener of Life Issues, you’ve heard me talk about women who’ve been maimed and victimized by the legal abortion industry.  Sadly, a young woman in Ohio knows exactly what I mean.  Last month she had an abortion at a Cleveland abortion mill.  It was done in the afternoon, and at closing time she was still hemorrhaging.  But it didn’t matter.  The staff wanted to leave, so they literally kicked her out onto the street where she was forced to dial 911 to request an ambulance.  Her comment to the dispatcher was, “They just left me bleeding like this.”  How many other women has the abortion industry treated with such disregard for their safety?  Which, ironically, claims to be an unwavering advocate for women and their healthcare.

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One thought on “Left Bleeding on the Street

  1. It has nothing to do with “women’s health”…it’s all for money. Something I wonder about….how many girls go to these mills with cash in hand to pay for their abortions? Probably most. There’s no record of it for them to try to cover that way. Do you think the abortion mill really records every single one of those payments accurately? We will never really know the number of abortions that have actually taken place. ….But God knows.

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