Dead on Arrival


Dead on Arrival

Bradley Mattes   |   September 27, 2018

This idea was dead on arrival.  The British government, namely the National Health Association, published an ad showing a woman’s high-heel shoe and lipstick with text that read, “Would you give up this?”  Alongside a picture of a baby’s pacifier with text reading “For this?”  There was a male version showing a video game controller next to the pacifier.  The message of course was you can’t be a parent and have any fun.  It was immediately denounced, even by liberal women, as sexist.  At the bottom of the guy’s version it read, “Beware da baby trap” as if babies trapped men into an existence void of entertainment.  It could also insinuate women may set the trap.  I’m sure the government now realizes it wasn’t an example of their finest hour.

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