Unborn Babies More Engaged than Many Think

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Unborn Babies More Engaged than Many Think

Bradley Mattes   |   July 27, 2018

Caitlin Fikes with Secular Pro-Life wrote an article about babies in the womb.  She cited a general misconception that they’re unaware of anything until birth, or at the “moment of awakening.”  As if a baby is “switched from off to on” like a machine.  Caitlin cites several scientific studies showing unborn babies are learning and active in the womb.  They hear voices and discern between them, favoring mom’s.  They also learn to recognize a song or story.  Another study discovered the unborn react to face-like shapes, similar to the way infants do.  Key to all of this is will these scientific discoveries help make a difference in the minds of Americans who support abortion?  Let’s pray they will and that abortion comes to a speedy end.

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