Protect Legitimate Pain Meds

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Protect Legitimate Pain Meds

Bradley Mattes   |   May 17, 2018

An article in the online publication Reason hit home with me.  I’ve dealt with chronic, sometimes fist-clenching pain for over a decade.  Every day is a struggle.  Changes in weather or over-exertion can make for some very challenging days.  But I’m more fortunate than many.  Each year the government puts up roadblocks to legitimately needed pain meds.  But so-called doctors who prescribe lethal doses for assisted suicide face no such regulation or oversight and enjoy greater legal protections than legitimate pain doctors.  Advocates of assisted suicide invoke the image of patients suffering unbearable pain as reason to pass their laws.  But how soon will chronic pain sufferers living under such decrees be denied insurance coverage for pain meds, yet offered lethal prescriptions?

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