Super Gonorrhea Resistant to Treatment

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Super Gonorrhea Resistant to Treatment

Bradley Mattes   |   April 25, 2018

For years doctors have warned that sexually transmitted diseases would some day be resistant to all forms of treatment.  That day may have come.  Physicians in the United Kingdom have been attempting to treat a man with a new strain of gonorrhea, but the drugs are proving to be ineffective because it’s resistant to the antibiotics.  It will be weeks before doctors know whether or not their last-ditch attempt will be successful.  And they’re calling this new development a “huge concern.”  The fact this case is in another country should provide no comfort to Americans.  Infection is only a plane ride away.  There’s nearly a million new cases of gonorrhea each year in our nation.  The God-pleasing solution of abstinence until marriage works.  We should follow His lead.

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