Proof Planned Parenthood Targets Black Women

As we wind up Black History Month I want to remind you of some critical research we did regarding Planned Parenthood and minority communities.  Using government census tract data, we looked at the immediate neighborhoods surrounding all their surgical abortion facilities.  The results are alarming.  Seventy-eight percent of their abortion mills are in neighborhoods with high levels of women of color.  Clearly Planned Parenthood is targeting them with abortion, which is part and parcel of their founder’s well-documented racist and eugenic philosophy.  Margaret Sanger would be proud of Planned Parenthood targeting the black community.  We’ve mapped out each city on our website.  Go to life issues dot org and click on the microphone icon.  The proof is undeniable.  Please share it with others.


Here is a link to our research on Planned Parenthood provided in an interactive map:

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