The Price He Paid

When Mary said yes to the angel, did she know what was in store?  Did she expect the gossip surrounding her unwed pregnancy – that she’d be perched on a donkey for countless hours to Bethlehem?  Did she know the Savior of the world would be born in a dusty, dirty stable?  As she held her newborn child and gazed upon his tiny head, did she see the crown of thorns he would wear?  While kissing his hands and feet, did she notice the nail marks?  During his first bath, did she see his scarred and bleeding back?  Did Mary know someday she’d helplessly watch as her son was tortured on a cross?  This Christmas as you welcome the newborn baby into your heart, remember the price He paid for your salvation.  From all of us at Life Issues, have a very blessed Christmas and a Christ-centered new year.

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