Royal Hypocrisy

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Royal Hypocrisy

Bradley Mattes   |   December 04, 2017

Watchers of the British Royal Family eagerly anticipate the third birth to Prince William and Princess Kate. It’s ironic the father of this growing family recently said overpopulation is having a “terrible impact” on the world. He further worried it’s putting “enormous pressure” on wildlife. Here is a couple living in massive castles, leaving behind a large carbon footprint. William wants us to take his warning seriously yet ignore his own personal example. The truth is many nations face a population problem—but it’s not too many people, it’s too few. Now even China is trying to reverse its population decline. I’m glad Prince William and his wife are having another baby. I think it’d be great if they had six or more. Just don’t tell the rest of us not to. Children are a blessing.

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