Illinois governor forces Taxpayers to fund Abortion

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner promised to veto legislation forcing taxpayers to fund Medicaid abortions through all nine months of pregnancy.  In addition, if Roe v Wade is someday overturned, the bill makes abortion-on-demand the law of the state.  In spite of his public promise to veto the bill, Rauner flip-flopped and signed it.  I have two friends in the Illinois legislature who are passionately pro-life and opposed the bill.  State Sen. Dan McConchie, said, “Words cannot express my profound disappointment.”  State House Representative and Republican Floor Leader, Peter Breen, was more direct.  “In politics you are only as good as your word.”  He also vowed to no longer support the Republican governor.  It’s expected the bill will result in up to 15,000 more deaths each year by abortion.

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