Eclipse of Reason

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Eclipse of Reason

Bradley Mattes   |   August 21, 2017

Much of America is talking about today’s total eclipse of the sun, witnessed by millions across the country.  It actually bears ironic symbolism with abortion.  During the eclipse, the moon hides the life-giving rays of the sun, but it’s only temporary.  We don’t need to panic or resort to drastic action — but just wait for the moon’s shadow to pass.  The same can be true of an unexpected pregnancy.  Circumstances may hide the life-giving joy of pregnancy, but it’s only temporary.  There’s no reason to panic or resort to killing the baby by abortion, but instead wait for the difficult and uncertain time to pass.  Considering the baby’s lifetime of living, the pregnancy can be compared to the brief darkness of the eclipse.  Please pray for mothers facing a time of shadows.

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