Protocol for Reversing Chemical Abortion Works

The chemical abortion pill has grown in popularity in spite of the severe physical ordeal experienced by women.  Many immediately afterward regret taking the abortion pills.  Such was the case for a Pennsylvania woman who then found help online that provides emergency treatment to counter the lethal medication targeting the baby.  Doctors gave her injections of the hormone progesterone to counter the abortion pill.  Her pregnancy was saved and she gave birth to healthy twins.  Pro-abortion activists liken the protocol to a scam, but women with high-risk pregnancies have been treated with the hormone for several decades and it has proven safe and effective.  Over 300 doctors now use it to reverse chemical abortions.  Visit for details or to get a local referral.


If you or someone you know has taken the chemical abortion pill and changed your mind, fast action may save your baby. Please contact Abortion Pill Reversal immediately to get a referral to a nearby doctor. It’s safe and effective.


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