Praying Over President not Understood

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Praying Over President not Understood

Bradley Mattes   |   July 28, 2017

The credibility of the news network CNN is in tatters.  Americans, political pundits and the President say they are completely out of touch with the citizens of this nation.  A recent example piles on more evidence.  CNN anchor Erin Burnett showed a picture of pastors and Christian leaders praying over President Trump in the Oval Office.  Most of us saw this as a very good indication of the President’s spiritual well-being.  But Burnett struggled to both understand and describe what was going on, saying, “…and all these people sort of, touching him… it’s very strange.”  When the simple act of praying over someone is beyond understanding and considered “strange,” it’s a good indication Burnett may not be familiar with Christianity.  Let’s pray for her and all the media.

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