Photos of abortion’s tiny victims has collected photos of abortion victims. The locations of abortion mills and names of photographers are kept confidential to protect the sources.

The hand of a baby aborted after 13 weeks.

The result of an abortion of a 20-week-gestation baby.

Parts of 6- and 10-week aborted babies.

A full-term baby whose hand was cut during the abortion.







A baby aborted at 22 weeks.


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13 thoughts on “Photos of abortion’s tiny victims

  1. God help us all. This hurts my heart & soul & I pray for the forgiveness of these abortionists & all involved & that their eyes will be opened to the abominations they have committed all due to greed & that the devil will release his grip on them & they will repent. Jesus cradles each of these aborted souls in his arms…

  2. Had I known the trauma of my abortion beforehand and was told the real truth about my unborn child, it never would have happened. God has forgiven me but I’ve not fully forgiven myself. It has been 44 years. Still haunts me.

  3. I was not able to see what actually happened with my abortion, I regret it greatly, but seeing the truth makes me regret it even more

  4. Abortion is not only an American disgrace; it is a WORLD WIDE disgrace. Over 60 million babies have been slaughtered, in America alone, since abortion was legalized in 1973. How many more innocent lives will be snuffed out? There comes a time when one must stand between the wolf and the lamb; this is, without a doubt, that time. So long as I have a breath in me, I will speak out for these little ones. The abortion monster is what killed these innocent babies, this is true; but silence is killing them too; so, please, speak up. God bless you all. –Romans 12:21–

  5. My heart is broken to see all this pictures of this innocents babies. I pray to God that he opened the eyes and brake the hearts of the people involved in this abortion facilities, so they can see the truth of what their doing to this babies??

  6. God have mercy on us,God hears the cry of the innocent, the silence of our Bishops to this Satanic slaughter will be punished by God almighty. Pray that our Bishops grow Backbones to speak out.
    Lord have mercy

  7. It’s a choice, but there is a more humane way to abort without dismemberment .No human or animal deserves to suffer or be severed in utero.😔

  8. Is the overturning of Roe v. Wade an egregious undoing of women’s rights as much as it is an acknowledgment that the fifty year old law was an extremely flawed decision from its onset? How does a half century old law square with the eternal dimension of the Divine Law, “Thou shalt not KILL”?

  9. Every time I hear of an abortion or see images like these I can’t help but think this child might have become a doctor with the cure for cancer … or this child might have become a great scientist with an answer to solve world hunger … or a magnificent communicator bringing the message to all that human life is sacred and from God. Bring peace to the womb Lord.

  10. This is modern day sacrifice of our children to the demon-Canaanite god of Molech. It is barbaric, evil, and nothing less than demonic. Satan has done it again in deceiving people to choose to hide their sin and then defend their sin under the guise of a right [t]o choose, for the sake of ‘convenience’… when in truth, it is anti-life… it is murder. Children are precious to God and are made in the ‘image of God’ which is exactly what Satan hates. This is a ‘seed-war’… it is as old as the Genesis 3:15.

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